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During our programme, we have a great variety of walks from easy (social) walks, to more challenging walks (munro’s). Please consult with the walking leader for more challenging walks.

Our midweek walks are available once a month and are more social walks for a few hours at a set location. You’ll have to make your own way to the meeting points.

From time to time, we have to update our walking programme with the most recent changes and added information.

When we have changes to our current walking programme, we will list the changes on our online list.

If there are no updates listed to a certain walk, then there are no changes.

For our next walk updates, please refer to our home page under “Notes” to the relevant weekend/wednesday walk.

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Our Walking Grades


Ascent (Metres)

Distance (Km)


C Nil 9-14 Easy
C+ 150 14-16 Easy/Moderate
B 150-450 16-19 Moderate
B+ 450-760 16-22 Moderate/Strenuous
A 760-914 9-14 Strenuous
A+ 914+ 9-19 Very Strenuous


Metres x 3.3inch = Feet
(150 Metres = 500 Feet Approx.)


Kilometres x ⅝ mile = Miles
(16 Kilometres = 10 Miles Approx.)

Quick Distance Conversion List
Km To Miles Miles To Km
1 Km In Miles = 0.62 Miles 1 Miles In Km = 1.61 Km
2 Km In Miles = 1.24 Miles 2 Miles In Km = 3.22 Km
3 Km In Miles = 1.86 Miles 3 Miles In Km = 4.83 Km
4 Km In Miles = 2.49 Miles 4 Miles In Km = 6.44 Km
5 Km In Miles = 3.11 Miles 5 Miles In Km = 8.05 Km
6 Km In Miles = 3.73 Miles 6 Miles In Km = 9.66 Km
7 Km In Miles = 4.35 Miles 7 Miles In Km = 11.27 Km
8 Km In Miles = 4.97 Miles 8 Miles In Km = 12.87 Km
9 Km In Miles = 5.59 Miles 9 Miles In Km = 14.48 Km
10 Km In Miles = 6.21 Miles 10 Miles In Km = 16.09 Km
11 Km In Miles = 6.84 Miles 11 Miles In Km = 17.7 Km
12 Km In Miles = 7.46 Miles 12 Miles In Km = 19.31 Km
13 Km In Miles = 8.08 Miles 13 Miles In Km = 20.92 Km
14 Km In Miles = 8.7 Miles 14 Miles In Km = 22.53 Km
15 Km In Miles = 9.32 Miles 15 Miles In Km = 24.14 Km
16 Km In Miles = 9.94 Miles 16 Miles In Km = 25.75 Km
17 Km In Miles = 10.56 Miles 17 Miles In Km = 27.36 Km
18 Km In Miles = 11.18 Miles 18 Miles In Km = 28.97 Km
19 Km In Miles = 11.81 Miles 19 Miles In Km = 30.58 Km
20 Km In Miles = 12.43 Miles 20 Miles In Km = 32.19 Km
21 Km In Miles = 13.05 Miles 21 Miles In Km = 33.8 Km
22 Km In Miles = 13.67 Miles 22 Miles In Km = 35.41 Km
23 Km In Miles = 14.29 Miles 23 Miles In Km = 37.01 Km
24 Km In Miles = 14.91 Miles 24 Miles In Km = 38.62 Km
25 Km In Miles = 15.53 Miles 25 Miles In Km = 40.23 Km

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our list of weekend walks

Updates to Weekend Programme

00 Date’21 : text update goes here

Our 2021/22 walking program will be out as soon as possible. check back for more updates.



We run a 50 seater coach to all walks. The usual bus fare is £12.00 but may be higher depending on the distance travelled and size of group. £15 is the highest fare currently charged but there can occasionally be additional costs such as ferry fares and local buses – these would be indicated in the email newsletter. Please ask when booking if you wish to know the cost in advance. Bookings are taken on a “First Come – First Served” basis.

Places can be booked on the previous walk when the sheet goes round the bus at the end of the day or by telephoning the leader, whose number appears next to each walk. When ‘phoning to book a place on a walk please try and do so between 6pm and 7pm during the week prior to the walk, and book early as buses have to be confirmed two days prior to the walk. Please also state your telephone number and pick-up point if leaving a message on an answering machine so that the leader can call you back and confirm your place on the bus.

Please note it is also important to cancel if you are unable to attend a walk and to phone the leader as soon as possible (or any committee member if you are unable to contact the leader). This is important as it saves time waiting on anyone who has failed to cancel and also gives someone else a chance to book that seat. You may be charged the full fare if you fail to cancel and someone else had their booking request declined.

Mobile numbers are also on the programme for emergency use only e.g. if running late or having to cancel on morning of the walk.

Buses leave from behind Coatbridge Time Capsule and at Airdrie Indoor Bowling Club (across from Airdrie railway station), at the times stated in the programme.



When walking with the club adequate footwear and clothing are essential. Be prepared for adverse weather conditions. Carry a packed lunch. Boots are essential on “A” and “B” grade walks and are recommended on “C” grade walks. The Ramblers Association cannot take responsibility for damages or loss incurred on a ramble or other club activity.

Follow the Country Code:

  • Close gates
  • Take litter home
  • Face oncoming traffic, etc

Please do NOT walk in front of the leader or leave a ramble without informing the leader. Children under 16 years of age should be accompanied by an adult. Holidays and social events are offered to club members. All those interested in walking are welcome to join the group. After participating in two walks with the group we would expect you to join the Ramblers Association, otherwise you may not be accepted on a walk. Membership forms are available from the Group Secretary. Joining the Ramblers Association gives automatic membership of your local group and the right to walk and socialise with any other groups UK-wide.
Walks are subject to change at the Leader’s discretion. Please inform the leader of any medical condition which you have which he / she should be aware of.



A booking and information sheet will be circulated around the bus for any social events being held during the Winter months, and advertisements will be placed in the “Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser” for the same. Also, the Committee welcomes any suggestions for walks which anyone would like to see on either the Summer or Winter programmes, or suggestions for social events.

Please contact any Committee member with regard to this and we will endeavour to include these walks or events at the earliest possible opportunity. Note to Leaders : it would be helpful if leaders of joint walks could do their reccies at the same time as this would assist with determining the timing of the two walks and would also save on reccie expenses.

Want to know about events, walk locations, walking programmes or just want to know more about the club in general?
Send us a message & we'll reply as soon as we can.

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