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0. Information for new members

As we advance from the restrictions made by the pandemic, we the committee would like to update members on the existing decisions made by us to ensure the safety of our members. We have set out a collective of measures which we think will have to stay in place for the time being. We aim to ease our way out of the Covid situation with caution.

There are 4 members of the committee who take names for the walks. The person taking the names will be announced by email to all members on the Wednesday after a walk (sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of the page). If you wish to put your name down for the next walk please read the following:

TEXT ONLY. No emails, phone calls or messages

Give your name, your pick-up point

DO NOT book a seat for more than one person unless a couple or family member

DO NOT text before the list is put out on the Wednesday

DO NOT turn up for a walk on the day

Text only the person who has been named to take the names, which is not always the leader.

1. Quick Distance Conversion List
Km To Miles Miles To Km
1 Km In Miles = 0.62 Miles 1 Miles In Km = 1.61 Km
2 Km In Miles = 1.24 Miles 2 Miles In Km = 3.22 Km
3 Km In Miles = 1.86 Miles 3 Miles In Km = 4.83 Km
4 Km In Miles = 2.49 Miles 4 Miles In Km = 6.44 Km
5 Km In Miles = 3.11 Miles 5 Miles In Km = 8.05 Km
6 Km In Miles = 3.73 Miles 6 Miles In Km = 9.66 Km
7 Km In Miles = 4.35 Miles 7 Miles In Km = 11.27 Km
8 Km In Miles = 4.97 Miles 8 Miles In Km = 12.87 Km
9 Km In Miles = 5.59 Miles 9 Miles In Km = 14.48 Km
10 Km In Miles = 6.21 Miles 10 Miles In Km = 16.09 Km
11 Km In Miles = 6.84 Miles 11 Miles In Km = 17.7 Km
12 Km In Miles = 7.46 Miles 12 Miles In Km = 19.31 Km
13 Km In Miles = 8.08 Miles 13 Miles In Km = 20.92 Km
14 Km In Miles = 8.7 Miles 14 Miles In Km = 22.53 Km
15 Km In Miles = 9.32 Miles 15 Miles In Km = 24.14 Km
16 Km In Miles = 9.94 Miles 16 Miles In Km = 25.75 Km
17 Km In Miles = 10.56 Miles 17 Miles In Km = 27.36 Km
18 Km In Miles = 11.18 Miles 18 Miles In Km = 28.97 Km
19 Km In Miles = 11.81 Miles 19 Miles In Km = 30.58 Km
20 Km In Miles = 12.43 Miles 20 Miles In Km = 32.19 Km
21 Km In Miles = 13.05 Miles 21 Miles In Km = 33.8 Km
22 Km In Miles = 13.67 Miles 22 Miles In Km = 35.41 Km
23 Km In Miles = 14.29 Miles 23 Miles In Km = 37.01 Km
24 Km In Miles = 14.91 Miles 24 Miles In Km = 38.62 Km
25 Km In Miles = 15.53 Miles 25 Miles In Km = 40.23 Km
2. Transport & Booking on a walk

We run a 49 seater coach to all walks. The current bus fare is £15.00 (late 2022). There can occasionally be additional costs such as ferry fares and local buses. A social event such as a club meal would also involve higher charges. All of the costs will be indicated in the email newsletter.

Bookings are taken on a “First Come – First Served” basis. After the email newsletter is published (usually on a Wednesday) walkers (including first-timers) can make a text booking to the booking contact for that walk (The booking contact will be indicated on the newsletter and may differ from the walk leader). All bookings will receive a text acknowledgement.

There may be number limitations on a walk in which case anyone booking after the limit is reached will be placed on a waiting list. Anyone on the waiting list who does not get a booking will have first refusal on the next walk.

If you are unable to attend a walk please let the booking contact know immediately so that someone on the waiting list can take your place. There is no charge for cancellations.

3. Walking Information

When walking with the club, adequate footwear and clothing are essential. Be prepared for adverse weather conditions. Carry a packed lunch. Boots are essential on “A” and “B” grade walks and are recommended on “C” grade walks. The Ramblers Association cannot take responsibility for damages or loss incurred on a ramble or other club activity.

Follow the Country Code:

✔ Close gates;
✔ Take litter home;
✔ Face oncoming traffic, etc

Please do NOT walk in front of the leader or leave a ramble without informing the leader. Children under 16 years of age should be accompanied by an adult. Holidays and social events are offered to club members. All those interested in walking are welcome to join the group. After participating in two walks with the group we would expect you to join the Ramblers Association, otherwise you may not be accepted on a walk.

Membership forms are available from the Group Secretary. Joining the Ramblers Association gives automatic membership of your local group and the right to walk and socialise with any other groups UK-wide. Walks are subject to change at the Leader’s discretion.

Please inform the walk leader of any medical condition(s) which you have incase of any emergency during the walk.

4. Behind the Scenes

As a club we pride ourselves in welcoming new members to enjoy the experience of the outdoors and to ensure the safety of all our members. In order to achieve this, we as a committee would like to inform you of how we plan and conduct each walk with your safety in mind.

The Planning of Walks

The planning of a walk begins with the Walks Convener who has to find a suitable walk or walks. This involves (in our club) Ken Paton who generously gives of his own time and effort to research routes that are interesting, scenic and safe. It is not an easy task by any means and consists of weeks or months of research to compile a list for each summer and winter seasons. When Ken has completed the list it is presented to the committee members for their consideration and any adjustments made. This will include the dates of the walks and who will lead them. We rely on the generosity of our members to volunteer for the walks and to be competent in keeping everyone safe.


The Walk Leader

The responsibility of a walk leader is no easy task. The walk they choose has to be recced in advance. They are given a map by the Walks Convener and they then have to go and familiarise themselves with the route. This is done in their own time. To begin with they have to consider a breakfast stop for members. This involves seeking out cafes that can accommodate our numbers, speaking to the owners to ensure they can meet our needs, and assessing where the bus can park safely. They have to find a safe parking spot for the bus at the start of the walk, and if its a linear walk,- where the bus has to pick us up. The Walk Leader will give a brief talk before the walk to make sure everyone is prepared. They will make sure the paperwork is correct The Leader will appoint a Back Marker who will have accompanied the leader on the recce and also is familiar with the route.

This is to ensure that the group is kept together and no one will be left behind. On the walk itself, the leader will have chosen the best place for short stops and lunch breaks. Timing is essential on a recce. It is important to remind everyone that No one should walk ahead of the leader unless they have given permission to do so. Walk Leaders have a legal responsibility under Ramblers Association rules to ensure everyone is safe and it has been known that people have got lost by going ahead of the leader and taking a wrong turning, this results in a delay trying to locate them and affects the timing of the walk. It is important that no one should go off on their own for ‘comfort stop’ without informing the back marker. If any walker has a medical condition they should inform the Walk Leader in the event of an emergency. It is important that walkers wear the correct clothing and footwear as it is well known that the weather changes quickly. The Walk Leader will take control and be assertive when needed.

All of the above is to ensure that members enjoy the walk, are safe and well informed. In the event that there are 2 walks on the same day, each leader will have done the recce and collaborated on the times on starting the walk and finishing the walk and where the starting point will be and the finishing point. There may be a delay on the finishing time due to location of the walks and any problem that may develop. Please be patient as safety is a priority.

Thank you for your understanding

5. And the rest..

A booking and information sheet will be circulated around the bus for any social events being held during the Winter months, and advertisements will be placed in the “Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser” for the same. Also, the Committee welcomes any suggestions for walks which anyone would like to see on either the Summer or Winter programmes, or suggestions for social events.

Please contact any committee member with regard to this and we will endeavour to include these walks or events at the earliest possible opportunity.

Note to Leaders: it would be helpful if leaders of joint walks could do their reccies at the same time as this would assist with determining the timing of the two walks and would also save on reccie expenses.


Metres x 3.3inch = Feet
(150 Metres = 500 Feet Approx.)


Kilometres x ⅝ mile = Miles
(16 Kilometres = 10 Miles Approx.)


Ascent (M)

Distance (Km)


C Nil 9-14 Easy
C+ 150 14-16 Easy/Moderate
B 150-450 16-19 Moderate
B+ 450-760 16-22 Moderate/Strenuous
A 760-914 9-14 Strenuous
A+ 914+ 9-19 Very Strenuous

Summer programme 2024

Updated: 7 April

Crail to Elie has swapped with Yair to Traquair, with the Crail to Elie walk now also moved from Saturday 18th May to Sunday 19th May.

The Three Lochs Way Glenmallon to Arrochar on Sunday 5thMay has changed to Arrochar Circular via Glen Loin (due to access problems to the Three Lochs Way).


Wednesday programme 2024

Updated: 12 February ’24
Information can be subjected to change


To book a place on a walk:
TEXT the walk leader, Tony Grimason, on 07516238706, No phone calls

1. ONLY CONTACT the walk leader within 2 weeks of the date of a scheduled walk.
2. Maximum number on each walk: 16.
3. Booking is on a first come, first served basis.
4. A reserve list will be created in the event of cancellations.
5. No charge is applied for those participating on these walks.
6. Financial costs associated with transport are at participants own cost.
7. All walks are between 6 and 8 miles, and will be undertaken at a leisurely pace.
8. Appropriate weatherproof clothing and walking shoes/boots & poles recommended.

Walk. 1

20th March

Glasgow Murals Circular Walk:

A walk around the streets of Glasgow encompassing several of its murals depicting Glasgow’s history and famous characters. Photo opportunities – too numerous to mention! En route, we will pass the ‘entrance to the Police Station in Taggart’ and Navid’s shop in Craiglang. If we are lucky, we may bump into Jack, Victor & Isa who live in the high-rise flats behind the shop!

Meet at Coatbridge (ASDA) bus stance. We will catch the Citylink 902 bus at 10.44 a.m. to Buchanan St. bus station. We will start the walk from Wincher’s statue at the bus station @ 11.30 a.m.

Estimated finish time: 4.30 p.m. Mixture of pavement and pedestrian areas around the city. Approx. 6 miles.

Walk. 2

10th April

Gartcosh to Coatbridge Linear Walk (via Gartcosh Train Station, Garnqueen Loch, Drumpellier Loch & West End Park):

A walk from the mining village of Gartcosh via Glenboig and circumventing a railway track to Townhead, Coatbridge & the lochs at Drumpellier and via the Monklands Canal to Coatbridge Town Centre.

Meet at Coatbridge (ASDA) bus stance at 11 a.m. We will catch the 245 Coatbridge to Moodiesburn bus at 11.15 a.m. We will start the walk from Gartcosh Village at @ 11.45 a.m.

Estimated finish time: 4 p.m. Mixture of pavement & forest tracks. Approx. 6 miles.

Walk. 3

1st May

Airdrie to Caldercruix Linear Walk (via the Rob Mulholland’s Skytower):

A walk from Airdrie Town Centre via Rawyards Park, upwards to the Rawyards Forestry Trail & the Skytower (highest viewing point over Airdrie), and onwards through countryside to Caldercruix Train Station.

Meet at Farmfoods, Airdrie at 11.00 a.m. (opp. Airdrie Train Station – Edinburgh line). We will start the walk at 11.15 a.m.

Estimated finish time: 4 p.m. Mixture of pavements, park, countryside, and farm tracks. Approx. 6 miles.

Walk. 4

26th June

Mugdock Circular Walk:

Starting at Milngavie train station, the route heads out along the West Highland Way and into Mugdock Country Park, passing Kyber car park where there are nearby historic military installations. The route then continues on to the visitor centre, past Mugdock Loch, and back through the woodlands.

Meet at Farmfoods, Airdrie at 10.45 a.m. (opp. Airdrie Train Station – Edinburgh line). We will catch the 11.05 a.m. train to Milngavie – arriving at 12.01 p.m.

Estimated finish time: 4.30 p.m. Mixture of pavement and forest tracks. Approx. 7 miles.

Walk. 5

24th July

Blackridge to Caldercruix Linear Walk (via Hillend Reservoir):

A linear walk along pavement and cycle track that run parallel to the extended Airdrie to Edinburgh railway line via farmland. Hopefully, we can have a cuppa at the Angling Clubhouse adjacent to the Reservoir.

Meet at Farmfoods, Airdrie at 11.15 a.m. (opp. Airdrie Train Station – Edinburgh line). We will catch the 11.39 a.m. train to Blackridge – arriving at 11.51 a.m. We will start the walk at 12 p.m.

Estimated finish time: 4 p.m. Mixture of pavements and cycle tracks. Approx 6 miles.

Walk. 6

14th August

Arthurs Seat, Edinburgh:

This is the pinnacle of the 2024 Wednesday programme. Running concurrent with the Edinburgh Fringe festival we may encounter performing artists during the walk.

Meet at the Edinburgh Bus Stop @ Maxim Business Park, Eurocentral at 10.30 a.m. We will catch the 10.42 a.m. 900 bus to Edinburgh Bus Station – arriving at 11.56 a.m. We will start the walk at 12.15 p.m.

Estimated finish time: 4.30 p.m. Mixture of pavements and hill tracks. Approx. 7 miles.  All day car parking is available at the Dakota Hotel, Eurocentral for a fee of £5. Alternatively, cars can be park in Carnbroe (free of charge) and people can make their way over the footbridge and along the cycle path to Eurocentral.  

Walk. 7

18th September

New Stevenson to Carfin Linear Walk:

The walk starts on the outskirts of New Stevenston and entails forest track, parkland, Prospect Hill and culminates in Carfin.

Meet at Farmfoods, Airdrie at 11.00 a.m. (opp. Airdrie Train Station – Edinburgh line). We will catch the 11.25 a.m. 248C bus to Stevenston Court – arriving at 11.47 a.m. and make our way to the Scotmid store where we start the walk.

Estimated finish time: 3 p.m. We return using the 254 (Carfin to Motherwell) & 201 (to Airdrie) buses (1 hour). Approx. 5 miles

Walk. 8

16th October

Glasgow Green to Cuningar Loop:

A linear walk through the park passing famous statues and monuments incl. the stone circle depicting famous events in the history of Glasgow, continuing along the River Clyde to the Cuningar Woodland Project, part of the Commonwealth Games legacy.

Meet at Farmfoods, Airdrie at 10.30 a.m. (opp. Airdrie Train Station – Edinburgh line). We will catch the 10.44 a.m. train to High Street – arriving at 11.09 a.m. and make our way to the Mclennan Arch where we start the walk. Mixture of pavement, park and riverside areas on the outskirts of the city centre.

Estimated finish time: 3.30 p.m. Approx 6 miles.

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